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Madison Metropolitan School District

Grade 6 Information

6th Grade Teams - Wolfpack, Stormers, and Foxes

These team names are inspired by Technical Colleges found in the State of Wisconsin

6th Grade Spring Orientation

Take a look at what students are working on in each class

Students should also use these links when learning from home.

In 6th grade, the concepts of Building Community, Developing Personal Responsibility, Changing Minds, and Being a Steward in My Community frame the curriculum.  Teachers make connections between disciplines, which allows students to transfer their learning from one subject area to another; thus, deepening their understanding of not only their academic learning but also of the world around them. 

Throughout all disciplines, students are developing their ability to reason and applying and practicing essential skills - gather, organize, analyze, and integrate information as well as generate information, evaluate information and outcomes, communicate information, and participate with others. 

During Crew, they are also working on habits of mind that are presented in the Social-Emotional Learning Standards (SEL).   In order to be successful, students monitor and evaluate their progress and change course if necessary.  They build and maintain positive relationships through effective communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution. In doing so, they establish and maintain positive relationships by respecting others, practicing social skills, and making responsible choices while recognizing civic responsibility. Additionally, students apply critical thinking skills while making decisions, following expectations, staying safe, and advocating for themselves.

Students will also be studying the importance of community gardens and building community. They will go on two field trips in the fall to help them understand the importance of the Toki Garden that they will be continuing to cultivate. Sixth grade teachers collaborate with various community members, experts in the field and area organizations to enhance curriculum. Reading and research deepen students' knowledge, helping them to create projects and products to be showcased at events during the school year.


All MMSD middle schools used standard-based grading to communicate student understanding of standards and learning targets. The following scale is the broad meaning of the rating on given standards.

Academic Performance Level for Middle School Standard Rubrics

4 – Demonstrates in depth understanding and application of the standard(s) being assessed.

3 – Demonstrates full understanding and application of the standard(s) being assessed.

2 – Demonstrates partial understanding and application of the standard(s) being assessed.

1 – Demonstrates minimal understanding and application of the standard(s) being assessed.

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