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As we transition into summer with our chromebooks at home for the very first time, here are some reminders to help you keep your Chromebook safe and healthy:

  • MMSD still owns the Chromebook; please continue to follow our school guidelines about appropriate use.
  • Chromebooks overheat just like people and pets- please don’t leave your Chromebook in a hot car or in the direct sun.
  • Chromebooks need to be completely shut down in order to run updates and continue working correctly- please make sure that you totally shut your chromebook down ( NOT just closing the lid) at least once a week (once a day is even better). If you are not going to use it much, shut it down for extended periods of time.  Here is how to reboot it (and import updates):
    • sign-out of your Chromebook
    • on the login screen next to your name there will be a little drop down arrow (looks like a "v"), click "remove user" (remove All users who are logged into your chromebook!)
    • next click "shut down" (still on the login screen)
    • let your Chromebook sit (while still shut down) for 5-10 minutes, then turn it back on
    • click "add user" at the bottom of the login screen
    • put in your email and password
    • try out a couple of things to see how it is working
  • Chromebooks aren’t the best travelers- if possible, please leave your Chromebook at home if you are traveling this summer.
  • Chromebooks prefer to be INSIDE, not outside.
  •  If you are having tech issues over the summer…
    • Between June 11- June 22, please be patient
    • Between June 22- July31 call the Family Tech Helpline at 204-5678 and leave a message with your name, phone number and the tech problem you are having  
    • After July 31, hold onto your tech- it’s helpful if you email your school librarian to let them know you are having trouble, but since school is closed during that time, they may not be able to get back to you until the end of August.