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After school clubs and organizations provide extended learning time for students to recover missed instruction, review concepts for deeper learning, and to pursue advanced learning opportunities.

Toki has a variety of academic clubs, social clubs, and service clubs. We learn, we serve, we have fun!

Follow the links below for more information on our clubs.

Youth Resource Center

The Toki Youth Resource Center is located in the Toki Middle School gym and surrounding classrooms. The main goal of the YRC is to provide a safe place for students after school while participating in positive social, recreational, and educational activities. MSCR runs the Youth Resource Center and most activities are free.

If you have any questions regarding after-school programming or intramural sports, please contact Monique Porter, Youth Resource Coordinator, at 204-4763.

Information for the 2017-2018 School Year:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday After-School Schedule

There are NO after school programs the first Wednesday of the month or the afternoon before no school days.

2:50-4:00 Homework Club/Specialty Clubs/Sports practices meet
4:00-4:55 Snack
4:10 City buses arrive
4:10-5:00 Mini-activities/Open Rec
5:00 Yellow bus arrives

*Students must participate in homework club, specialty club, or sport activity, from 2:40-3:45, if they want to have snack or attend the recreational activities in the gym from 4:10-5:00.

After School Clubs

Clubs meet on the day indicated:  Monday (M), Tuesday (T), Wednesday (W), and Thursday (R). There are no clubs on Friday.

  • ALL Homework Club – Academic support for 6th, 7th & 8th graders in the LMC.  (T, W, R 2:50-4:00)
  • African American History Bowl - Learn about African American history with a chance to compete in local and national competition.  (Coming Soon!)
  • Cooking Club - Learn how to cook simple and not-so-simple dishes   (M 1:45-4:00) 
  • Gardening Club - Help to make Toki's gardens grow! (Beginning in the spring.
  • GSA  - This club is dedicated to creating a safe school for ALL students, regardless of who they are. (2nd & 4th Thursdays, 2:45-4:00)
  • Student Council - All grades can find a place to act, serve and think in the student councils offered throughout the year.
  • Running Club - Come run with friends in all sorts of weather!  (T, R,  2:45-3:45)
  • Yearbook Club - Students work with publishing software to create the Toki yearbook.  Times to be announced.

MSCR Club Calendar

Specialty Clubs

Horseback Riding Club (Boys/Girls)  All Grades     Season:  September-October

Horseback riding clubs are offered for four weeks through Hoofbeat Ridge Riding Stables.  Students register at their schools on a first come, first serve basis and spots are available per school.  Transportation is provided to and from Hoofbeat Ridge to the school.  Admission fee is charged to participate; scholarships available through MSCR.

Ski Club (Boys/Girls)  All Grades     Season:  December-February

Ski club is a program designed to provide opportunities for students to learn both basic and advanced skiing skills, along with providing time for students to ski at local ski hills.  Toki has six trips throughout the season, on various Fridays.  Students register with Mr. Standal.  Transportation is provided to and from the ski resorts (Tyrol Basin) to the school.  Admission fee is collected for ski lift passes, ski rentals and lessons; scholarships available through MSCR.

After School Sports

After school sports are sponsored by Madison School & Community Recreation with staff members serving as coaches.


Flag Football (Boys/Girls) Grades 7-8     Season: September-October

Volleyball (Boys/Girs) Grades 7-8           Season:  September-October


Boys Basketball  Grades 7-8    Season:  October-December
Girls Basketball   Grades 7-8   Season:  January-March


Track and Field (Boys/Girls) Grades 6-8   Season:  April-May
Tennis (Boys/Girls) Grades 6-8                Season:  April-May
Softball (Boys/Girls) Grades 7-8               Season:  April-May
Soccer (Boys/Girls) Grades 7-8                Season:  April-May

Need more information?

For club information, activity waivers, the parent handbook, and other information, visit the MSCR website.

If you have any questions regarding after school programming or intramural sports, please contact Monique Porter, Youth Resource Coordinator, at 204-4763.



The Juventud Program is an after school program that provides academic support, parent engagement, and leadership development to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. The word “juventud” means “youth” in Spanish and many of our Juventud members are Spanish speaking individuals and/or identify as Latinx. Our program is for any student who is open minded and is interested in learning about different cultures. The program is run as a collaboration between MMSD and Centro Hispano and meets right after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 227. The first hour is spent working on homework with the help of tutors/mentors and then the second hour is spent doing mini-activities and workshops until 4:50 pm. Workshops and activities focus on cultural education and career exploration and involve bringing in guest speakers and performers to work with the kids. With the help of our volunteer tutors, our Juventud students receive the academic support needed to be prepared for high school!

If you have any questions about the program please contact the program coordinator, Jackelyn Velasquez at or visit Centro Hispano's website at

PEOPLE Program (applications due in spring of 6th grade)

The mission of the PEOPLE program is to help students successfully make each transition from middle school to high school and from high school to college. Approximately 1,300 students currently participate in the PEOPLE Program ranging from second grade through undergraduate college level. We began in 1999 with 66 eager ninth-graders from Milwaukee public high schools who are now completing college degrees and entering the workforce. The PEOPLE Program has admitted 359 students to the UW–Madison under our scholarship program

The success of the program may be attributed to our dedicated K-12 education partners, to our supportive parents, to a solid foundation provided by the university and private donors and, most importantly, to the persistent need for such programming in the state of Wisconsin. Together, we are making college accessible to more students of color and/or those from low-income families.

PEOPLE Program Newsletter