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2018-2019 Toki PTA Board

President:  Amy Buscher (

 Vice President:  Jennifer Barakat (

 Secretary:  Katie Spelsberg (

 Treasurer: Amanda Ciarletta (

PTA Meetings - (usually held in the Toki LMC):

  • Wednesday, Sept 12, at 6:30pm 

  • Wednesday, Nov 7, at 6:30pm

  • Wednesday, Jan 16, at 6:30pm (3nd week of month!)

  • Wednesday, Mar 6, at 6:30pm

  • Wednesday, May 1, at 6:30pm

 * Membership not required to attend;
$5.25 membership fee to vote (per National PTA rules)


The Toki PTA is looking forward to a very fun school year! Contact one of the PTA board members above!

PTA Board/Endowment

Fall Pie Sale (November)

  • Help sort and distribute pie orders the week before Thanksgiving.

Scholastic Book Fairs

  • Work during the book fair or help with set up or clean up, help with book selections, and take payments for the books purchased.

Talent Show - March

  • Help with managing student participants during afternoon rehearsals.

Toki Marathon (April/May)

Toki Marathon Participants

  • Help with set up or clean up.
  • Keep tally of participants mileage.

Staff Appreciation Week (May)

  • Bring treats to Toki that are delivered to the teachers' lounge.
  • Other volunteers help with set up or clean up.

8th Grade Completion Activities (June)

  • Help plan and organize this event during the last week of school.
  • Set up and clean up of the event.

Library Media Center (LMC) Help

  • Help librarian during the day

Office Assistance (Anytime)

  • Help in the office during the day.


No-cost fundraisers

Box tops for education

BOX TOP$ FOR EDUCATION are on hundreds of your favorite household products. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents to our school. Please clip them and send them to school with your children or drop them off in the school office.

Toki Middle School Endowment Fund

The Foundation is eager to expand our efforts to support innovation that increases student achievement for every student in Madison’s public schools. Thank you for your support of our efforts and for recognizing that an investment in the Foundation is not only an investment in improving public education, but also an investment in Madison’s future.

Your gift provides teachers an opportunity to implement creative ideas and expand their students’ learning without the use of tax dollars. Your donation will go even further if you or your spouse works for a company that matches employee’s gifts. 

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