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Madison Metropolitan School District

Volunteer Opportunities

Madison Metropolitan School District has a vision for all students – that they will not only graduate, but graduate with the skills and abilities to be successful in college, career and community. MMSD actively collaborates with Madison's community to meet common goals and accomplish together what one organization cannot do alone. Madison schools welcome family and community volunteers to reinforce ties between the home, the larger community, and the school.

Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) and Madison School Community Recreation (MSCR) are using an automated volunteer management program called Volunteer Tracker to manage family and community volunteers.

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MMSD is not permitting visitors or volunteers inside of schools and district buildings until second semester. However, school leaders can determine access to their buildings on a case-by-case basis, in partnership with health staff.

Why Volunteer Tracker:

When you become a volunteer, your work takes on special significance -- though you are not part of the staff, you do share the same responsibilities of keeping students safe. School volunteers may be parents or community members. Volunteers can be utilized in a variety of situations in schools, ranging from one time only events to monthly, weekly or daily commitments. They may provide tutorial help, monitor lunchrooms, assist in the libraries, lunchrooms or playgrounds.

Volunteer Tracker enables you to select the schools where you wish to serve and identify activities that you would like to participate as a volunteer. Also, using the Log My Time feature in Volunteer Tracker, you will be amazed at the number of hours that you contribute to schools. Register today in the MMSD/MSCR Volunteer Tracker program!

MMSD/MSCR’s goals for utilizing Volunteer Tracker

  • Support school’s work in keeping students safe by providing an up to date list of volunteers and their background status
  • Provide guidance on when a  background check is needed based on the work a volunteer will be doing
  • Provide clear, transparent communication between the schools, HR and the volunteers
  • Save time in processing and managing volunteers


  • No more paperwork - Online Registration and background check
  • Levels determined on Volunteer Tracker
  • Volunteers are automatically sent emails to re-register when their background check is due.
  • Volunteer registers ONCE, multiple sites

Background Checks

If a volunteer is supporting the school through special events like booster club or book fairs, etc, and they will not be alone with students, they do not need background checks. (Level 1 positions)  However, if a volunteer may have unsupervised contact with students such as a tutor, field trip chaperone or classroom assistant, then a background check is required. (Level 2 positions)  

US citizenship status is not a question on the background check form. MMSD  welcomes all volunteers to support our school, including individuals who are not legal citizens. The MMSD background check process does not require an I-9 or Social Security Number.

To get started:

Step 1) Visit Volunteer Tracker

Step 2) Read the general information on volunteering and click the link for the Volunteer Tracker Application.

Step 3) Click on the green, “New to the App-Garden? Click Here to Register” link. Enter your email address, create a password and Register. An activation email will be sent to your email address to validate your account.

Step 4) Finish your application. You will receive an email shortly once approved.

If you have questions, please contact your school. Thank you for playing an important part of our school community.

School or Classroom Volunteering

There are countless opportunities to volunteer in our schools beyond academic tutoring:  helping in a library or the school office, assisting parents during enrollment, or chaperoning a field trip.   Each school has their own unique list of ways family & community members can support their school. Whether you would like to volunteer as a classroom assistant, coach, field trip chaperone or one-time special events, you are encouraged to contact your school directly to learn about their current opportunities.  

Academic Tutoring

Tutors work with school staff to increase the academic performance of students in a range of subject areas.  MMSD collaborates with a number of local area non-profit agencies serving children and youth to offer academic tutoring, especially in reading and math. Opportunities to tutor exist with these partnership organizations in elementary, middle and high school.


If you have a bachelor's degree, you can mentor a student and share some of your real-life experiences.  A mentor is both a friend and a counselor, providing advice and guidance that help students meet the challenges of high school and prepare them for the college experience.


Discover volunteer opportunities from Downhill Volunteer Ski Instructor to Youth Resource Center Assistants and everything in between.

Title VI – Indian Education

Title VI Indian Education is a federal project designed to provide eligible Indian and Alaska Native students with tutoring, cultural enrichment, and other services designed to meet the culturally related academic needs of AI/AN students.  For information on programming please contact Instructional Resource Teacher, Tara Tindall

If you would like to talk further about these or other volunteer opportunities, please contact our Community Partnerships Coordinator at 608-663-4941.