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Madison Metropolitan School District

Behavior Support Process

Goal = Learning in class


Behavior Incident resulting in Behavior Support

Behavior Support response to incident call

  • Receive 'Reconnect Form' from teacher
  • Enters call in Oasys Call Log for teacher to complete incident report

Behavior Support role in preparing for problem solving

  • Prepares student for "Problem Solving Conference" with teacher
  • Prepares student for teacher call to parent/guardian
  • Returns student to class and reconnect with teacher
  • Returns "Reconnect Form" to referring teacher

Teacher follow-up

  • Completes "Problem Solving Conference" with student
  • Inputs Oasys behavior incident by 3:30 pm
  • Records parent/gurdian contact in Oasys Behavior Incident

Administration to complete

  • Reviews Oasys behavior incident
  • Reviews BEP and determines appropriate consequence/resolution and documents in Oasys
  • E-mail staff regarding ISS/OSS details