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Madison Metropolitan School District


Follow the links below to learn more about the Universal Practices to Support Student Success and how our policies and procedures protect the healthy, safety and learning opportunities of all students.


Crews meet daily for about a half hour and involve all students and staff in the process of building a stronger community at Toki Middle School. Crew ensures that every student feels they have a place where they belong and provides every student with adult advocates. With an understanding that middle school students are at different stages of development, Crew curriculum is focused on differentiated and grade appropriate topics focused on building positive relationships, personal goal setting, Academic and Career Planning (ACP), social/emotional learning, organization, and literacy.

Daily Binder Information

All students at Toki Middle School use a daily binder throughout the school day, which includes school supplies, a Toki planner, and space to organize class work and school information.  Daily binders ensure that students have what they need to be successful.  This high-leverage AVID strategy promotes being on time and prepared, along with building student responsibility.

Student-Led Conferences (SLC)

Toki Middle School considers the relationship between students’ families and the school to be of paramount importance.  We invite students and their families to attend formal conferences during which portfolios are shared, showing student progress and achievement. The student leads the conference, and Crew leaders are on-hand to support. During the conference, students explain their progress toward/mastery of both academic learning targets and character/learning skills.  Students show evidence of their progress by leading their families through a portfolio of assignments culled from all classes. Students are held more accountable for their progress when they explain areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.  The tone of the conference is positive with a focus on what can be done to ensure success.

Graduate Vision

Madison has a vision for all students – that they will not only graduate, but graduate with the skills and abilities to be successful in college, career and community.  We want our students to master academic content, build creativity, confidence and cultural competence, gain a strong sense of self and interpersonal skills and have a growth mindset to help them continually build the skills and abilities to be successful. This vision for Madison’s graduates was developed with input from more than 2500 staff, students and community members.  And it is through our students that this vision comes to life. Our graduates display the diversity of strengths, interests, skills and bright futures that exist for every child in MMSD.  In each of our students, we see them for who they are and who they are becoming.  (Link to District Graduate Vision Page)


The creation of Portfolios and participation in Passage presentations are universal practices that support student success at Toki.  They require students to document and communicate evidence of their learning.  A portfolio is a collection of student work that evidences student progress toward mastery of learning targets derived from Common Core State Standards, personal growth and achievement goals in academics, arts and character.  Passage presentations are benchmark demonstrations of learning over multiple years that mark pivotal transitions during a student’s time at Toki.

Restorative Practices

The use of restorative practices is embedded throughout curriculum, instruction and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) at Toki Middle School.  Restorative practices encompass community building, communication skills, self-advocacy, and conflict resolution.  These practices foster a strong sense of community, build empathy and create safe spaces for dialogue and resolution.  In addition, our Restorative Justice (RJ) student Circle Keepers lead RJ Circles to support their peers with problem solving.

Restorative Justice Circle

Restorative Justice Circles