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Conrad - Kiwanis     Conrad Nelson recognized with Kiwanis Award 

The Kiwanis Award is given by the Madison West Kiwanis Club to "honor outstanding students in Middle Schools on the west side of Madison. We want to honor one student from each school - a student who exemplifies the Kiwanis ideal of a serviceable citizenry. Scholarship is part of this, but most important is being a good citizen in the school and in the neighborhood."

Toki's Got Talent

Talent ShowDrummers 

 Talent Show  Talent Show  Talent Show

More than 50 students participated in this year's Toki Talent Show in acts and stage crew. Our 8th grade emcees, Parker Lindauer, Tatiyana Benson, Will Sprout and Veronica Cruz, hosted an amazing show with a wide array of talents and skills to entertain and amaze the student, family and community audiences in three performances. Staff members also awed the crowd with their beautifully 'synchronized' swim. Thanks to all the family, staff and community volunteers who helped make the show a BIG success.


The  MATHCOUNTS Competition is a national middle school coaching and competitive math program that promotes achievement through a series of fun and engaging “bee” style contests. 

Congratulations to these students for their outstanding performance.

 Math Counts Participants

     Pictured:  Tenzin Tadhey, Anna Hubbard, Meera Manoharan and Hannah Zhai

Top Math Scorers

Toki Math Students compete in American Mathematics Competition

In November, Toki advanced math students took the AMC 8, a 25 question, 40 minute multiple choice (no calculator) exam designed for middle school students to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills. Noah Sawicki and Meera Manoharan placed in the top two Toki scorers.

Art News - Toki’s New Garden Sculpture

Last spring, Toki won a grant to create a sculpture for our garden. Eighth grade art students have been collaborating with local sculptors on the design. All designs are based on hexagons. Project artists decided on three ideas and asked Toki students to help select the final design. It was a close call between the tulip and gazebo design for the garden sculpture. One eighth grader had the great idea of creating a tulip gazebo. Our artists have agreed! Look for our new public sculpture debuting this spring. It will be the FIRST local sculpture by artists who are quickly gaining fame in the Midwest! We are so excited about this opportunity for our Toki students! 

sculpture2.jpg        sculpture3.jpg         sculpture 1.jpg

Artists: Laura Richards, Will Turnbull, Sara Naatz, Vanessa Diaz, Olivia Anderson-Sarno, Bailey Miles, Samuel Baeseman, Tatiyana Benson, Abbigale Happel, Madeline Stocker, Hannah Zhai, Trinity Davis, Aaron Sotelo Bahena, Maria Ocotl, Camryn Decker, Hannah Farnham, Sarah DeFilippi, Avonlea Durtschi, Darnell Holmes Jr, Shaniya Jackson, Marina Kallias, Adelynne Kielley, Bryan Martinez-Arce, Gwen Parker, Kasanoci Thao, Kristen Wendtland, Ariana Rios and Jordan Smith

Outstanding Young Person Award         Outstanding Young Person Award Winners

Students from Akira Toki Middle School recently were honored at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Outstanding Young Person Awards sponsored by the Urban League of Greater Madison. These students were recognized for their community service, citizenship and academic achievements. Congratulations! From left: Travona Jordan, Carlton Carruthers, Shazad Azimulla and Kaylie Podvin

Geography Bee

Geo Bee Participants  


Geo Bee finalistTanay Desai has qualified to compete in the state level competition of the National Geographic Bee on Friday, Marcy 27, 2015. Congratulations Tanay!!

Seven Toki Middle School students competed in the school Geography Bee on Friday, January 16. They answered questions about global economics, inter-national travel, the world’s topography,and cultural awareness.

Sixth grader, Tanay Desai, was declared the first place winner; and sixth grader, Aiden Nellis, was a very competitive runner up.

Tanay Desai, Sam Spurley, Brynn Sailing, Aiden Nellis, Parker Lindauer, Adam Watson and Riley Anderson participated in the School-wide Geography Bee.

Spelling Bee Participants                   Toki Spelling Bee            Spelling Bee Finalists

O-B-S-T-R-E-P-E-R-O-U-S (stubbornly defiant).

After 17 rounds of play, obstreperous was the final word that 6th grader, Surya Ganesan, spelled correctly to win the 2015 Toki Spelling Bee. This event began on Thursday, January 29, with 25 students participating from all three grades. These students qualified for the school bee by winning their classroom spelling bees. On Monday, February 2, the Bee continued with a spelldown between the final two participants.

Surya, the Toki first place winner, competed in the All-City Spelling Bee on Saturday, February 21, at the Mitby Theater (Madison College) where he earned 13th place. Nicely done, Surya!

Congratulations to our second place winner, Brynn Sailing, and to all of our participants: Richard Simon (3rd place), Nina Vaccaro, Bayleigh Petree, Gerrit Brinkman, Oliver Van Note, Connor Arifin, Mitch Miller, Ellie Overkamp, Manny Ocasio, Maddie Wissinger, Mitchell Wendler, Kira DeLorme, Noel Witt, Josh Lanaville, Sam Baeseman, Archit Karunakaran, Ellie Hei, Adrian King, Saccarya Ivy, Oliver Swift, James King, Riley Marquis, and Michael Brudos.


7th & 8th Grade Crews Support Shoebox Gifts for KidsCrews

To help spread a little cheer this holiday season, some of our 7th and 8th grade CREWs decided to participate in a program called Shoebox Gifts for Kids. CREWs divided into small groups, choose an age range and either boy or girl. They then went out and bought necessary and desired items for a boy or girl in their chosen age range. Some of the items that filled the boxes were toothpaste, toothbrushes, teddy bears, pens, pencils, notebooks, hair ties, hats and mittens. The boxes were packed!

It was inspiring to watch our Toki students get excited about helping homeless and less fortunate kids in the Madison community. Their generosity was so great that, as a whole, we filled 34 boxes!!! All the boxes were dropped off at a central collection site and will be delivered to kids and families the last few weeks in December.

 wrapping gifts

Some of our students enjoyed helping so much that they are volunteering to do more! Next week a group of students will be spending time after school sorting and organizing the boxes at the collection site so that they are ready for delivery.

Bridge Building7th Grade Applied Technology - Bridge Building

The 7th grade Applied Technology students designed and tested pasta bridges. They learned about the forces of compressin and tension and which shapes provide the most strength when testing the amount of o  ad a bridge can hold. Between both 7th grade classes, the strongest bridge held 23 pounds!


bridge building 

Toki 8th grade Fitness Students

Toki 8th grade Fitness classes participated in a bike safety program sponsored by MMSD and Safe Routes to School. The bikes and helmets are made available by a generous donation from Trek. We have been on a few rides around the neighborhood and on the Madison Bike Paths. Today we biked on the Southwest Path and went downtown past Camp Randall and stopped at Greenbush Bakery.

The bikes will be back in the spring for other 8th grade physical education classes to use. We are fortunate to have this great program available for Toki students. Students develop a new level of responsibility and independence when they know how to safely travel by bicycle. They also are now more aware of the Madison/Dane County bike paths and maps that they can access to get around Madison without having to ride on busy streets.The students are learning the rules of the road, and the rules of the bike path. We have had a great time exploring new parts of Madison on our bikes. We are planning to take one more long ride on October 8, International Walk and Bike to School Day.

Stay Active,

8th grade bikers           Mrs. Anderson & Mr. Sharp