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Madison Metropolitan School District

Toki School Community Garden

Trellis and Tables at Toki School Garden

In the spring of 2012, sixth graders at Toki Middle School used our school-wide Earth Day Every Day (E2D2) Celebration of Learning to create several garden spaces around the Toki campus. That project served as a catalyst for Toki to become a GROW Garden Pilot school and create a more elaborate garden. Three years later, the garden has developed into a beautiful outdoor learning space that also provides opportunities for the community to participate in gardening at Toki. Several other related projects are in the works.

In the spring of 2015, Toki 7th graders created a rain garden along the parking lot to elevate the regular flooding that occurred there. This year we plan to begin restoring the Toki/ORE School Forest. Look for more information as the year progresses.