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Toki is a great school with dedicated staff, families and a diverse student body.  We expect all staff and students to:


The Toki Five describe the philosphy of the staff and students at Toki Middle School. Through the work we do together, we strive to exhibit these qualities.

Responsibility and Reflecting on Learning: Learning is both personal and collaborative. Everyone learns both individually and as part of a group. At Toki Middle School, students and staff demonstrate, through actions and words, the belief that each and every person can achieve high standards. We take time to reflect on our learning, make connections with our own experiences, and develop our own ideas. Students and staff have opportunities to share our thinking with others.

Self-Discovery: Learning happens best when students and staff are engaged in creative endeavors that help them to discover their abilities, values, and interests. At Toki Middle School, this happens in caring communities where student and staff ideas are respected and there is mutual trust. Students gain confidence and take academic and personal risks, knowing they will be supported, whether they excel or not, by their classmates and teachers. Mistakes are treated as opportunities for learning.

Diversity and Inclusion: Making links that connect content to students’ experiences, perspectives and personal goals helps to increase the richness of ideas, creative power, problem-solving and respect for others. At Toki Middle School, staff create engaging learning experiences that make these connections and provide equitable opportunities for all students. Students investigate and value their different histories and talents as well as those of other communities and cultures.

Collaboration and Competition: At Toki Middle School, caring learning communities support students to collaborate with one another as they develop group skills and attain group goals. They also foster independence as learners pursue topics of interest and strive to achieve their personal best. Staff monitor students’ understanding and offer timely meaningful feedback that supports students’ achievement at the highest levels.

Empathy and Caring: Empathy and caring deepen as students and staff gain understanding of the cultures and communities represented at Toki Middle School. Students and staff treat one another respectfully with recognition that the diversity of our school gives us unique opportunities. Caring communities encourage students to share life experiences, varying perspectives and personal goals and are a critical component of the learning that happens here.